Saturday, 30 June 2012

'Vicious Lips' Lip Transfers, Part Two

Lynx Nails and Beauty, Vicious Lips*

Okay.  So.. I'm no master when it comes to applying these as you can see from the photos, but as promised, here are the other designs I was given by Katy (following my recent post).  I am actually in love with the 'Coloured Crackle' transfer and this was the one that actually applied the best from all the designs I tried and tested.  There is an element of fun with these lip transfers -- they remind me of the sort of temporary tattoos I  wore on my arms when I was a little kid as you apply them in a very similar way (dab the back with a bit of water and peel away).

I hope you enjoy these designs as much as the Leopard print one!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

'Vicious Lips' Lip Transfers

Lynx Nails and Beauty, Pink Leopard Vicious lips (£2.45 single pack)* 

A while ago, Alex's sister Katy very kindly gave me a collection of beauty samples to experiment with and show all of my readers.  Katy is also known as 'The Beauty Princess' and is incredibly talented, having worked in the beauty industry for eighteen years.  She does all beauty treatments, from gorgeous nail art to vajazzles and is also a session tec for magazines and the celebs.  If you're in the London area or nearby, make sure you give her twitter page a follow and check her website for full contact details if you would be interested in any pampering!

Today I decided to try out the lip transfers from the collection I was given!  The transfers are from the Lynx Nails and Beauty range, and I picked the leopard print ones to play around with (I also received designs such as Union Jack print, red and black fishnet and coloured crackles).

As you can see in the first image, the lip transfers come in small sheets, and when turned over, there is a dashed line in the middle -- I used this as my guideline and cut the sheet in half, leaving enough transfer to be applied to both my upper and lower lips.  This was my first time experimenting with lip transfers so I thought I would just use this as trial and error, knowing for next time exactly how precise to be with the sizing of my cut outs.

Once I had my two separate transfers, I peeled the film off the side with the pattern, and applied each piece individually to my lips (I started with my lower one).  Upon application, I made an 'ahh' shape with my mouth to make sure that the design didn't crack.  After I had pressed the cut out to my lip, I used some wet kitchen towel and dabbed along the back of the sheet.  I made sure that the whole of the area I wanted to use was damp before peeling off and seeing the results.

When I peeled the sheet away, I realised that I had used slightly too much of the design for the size of my lip so next time I would cut the shape down more so that I don't need to peel away the excess (as you can see in the bottom photo).

I am going to be posting about the other designs I was given by Katy very soon, especially after I have had a little more practice.  Make sure you take a look at Katy's twitter and website!  Her nail designs are amazing!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Benefit 'That Gal' Review

Benefit That Gal 7.5ml sample packaging
Benefit That Gal 7.5ml sample Go From Dull to Darling
Benefit That Gal 7.5ml sample
Benefit That Gal 7.5ml sample
Benefit That Gal 7.5ml sample swatch on pale skin
Benefit That Gal 7.5ml sample swatch on pale skin
Benefit That Gal 7.5ml sample swatch when fully blended on pale skin
After the success of my previous experience with 'The POREfessional' Benefit primer, I decided to go out and scale my local shops for another issue of Glamour magazine to sample their other primer, 'That Gal'.  I hadn't heard quite so many reviews about 'TG' though, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect.

Like with my other reviews, I always start by commenting on the packaging.  I absolutely love the design of Benefit's collection, with little illustrated boxes and tubes.  The pastel colour scheme of this one is very cute too.  I also couldn't help but notice the quote on the top of the box, "go from dull to darling", so I was really interested to see how this claim actually compared with the application of this product.  As with The POREfessional (which I am now going to refer to as TPF), this primer similarly has a quite high price tag of £21.50 for the 11ml version -- the sample size that I managed to get my hands on is 7.5ml which only cost £2 (the price of the magazine) so this is a huuuge saving!

I'd also like to add that since I have had even more of a chance to use my TPF primer, I would actually consider paying the full amount once the sample has run out.  The effect it has had on my skin is really complimentary.

TG can be used with or without makeup and Benefit claims that it will make your skin look bright and smooth.  I have only worn this underneath my make up.  For application, the primer needs to be blended into your skin in an even, upward motion using your fingertips.  And it can also be gently patted over your makeup to re-brighten your complexion throughout the day (I also haven't used it on top of my makeup since trying this out with TPF and finding that it rubbed out the makeup that I had already applied).  The first thing I noticed when using TG was that it has a really lovely scent to it, subtle, but it smelt like raspberry -- I noticed that this tended to fade once the primer had been thoroughly rubbed in but it was nice on first use.

The colour is very neutral, a little bit of a shine to it (as shown in the photos above).  I have tried to capture the application in stages to show just how natural the colour becomes as it is patted over your skin.  Although the application is fairly similar to TPF, I'm not half as sold on this primer.  It didn't make my skin feel as fresh as TPF, and the smoothness of my skin wasn't as apparent in comparison.  I definitely wouldn't pay the £21.50 for this primer (11ml isn't much at all for a full size amount) but I think that TPF was worth it's high price tag.  If you want to try a product that is incredibly similar to this, I have found a dupe on eBay, 'Technic's "Prime It" illuminating face primer' -- the dupe is a fraction of the price and it comes in a 33ml bottle with almost identical illustrations on the label.  I can't comment on the quality of it as I have not purchased it for myself, but I can say that Technic's products have worked very well for me in the past.  I have also recently purchased another dupe by Technic of Benefit's 'High Beam' (which I will review as soon as it arrives) and a false eyelash applicator too.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Benefit 'The Porefessional' Review

Benefit 'The Porefessional' 7.5ml sample review
Benefit 'The Porefessional' 7.5ml Sample Review
Benefit 'The Porefessional' 7.5ml sample Review
Benefit 'The Porefessional' swatch on pale skin
Benefit 'The Porefessional' swatch on pale skin
Okay, so you've all probably seen your dashboards filled with us beauty bloggers' posting about the Benefit freebies that came with the most recent edition of Glamour magazine -- I'm joining everybody and leaving you with a little review of Benefit's 'The POREFessional'.  With this month's magazine, there was a choice of three products: 'Bad Gal' mascara, 'That Gal' primer, and the pore minimiser that I have featured in this post.  I have already used the 'BG' mascara in the past, but I always swear by my L'Oreal Lash Architect mascara, so I gave that freebie a miss.  I hadn't really heard so many reviews about the primer as I had for the pore minimiser, so I picked up this one in the hope that I could trust the beauty bloggers' rave reviews.

For starters, I absolutely love the packaging of 'TPF' with the very vintage looking pattern and illustration (sucker for good packaging as always).  I was also drawn in by the normal price tag of this product -- for 22.0ml, this product retails at around £23.50 (a little too pricey for a bargain-hunter like me), so this 7.5ml tube was an absolute steal at only £2 for the price of the magazine!

I know this probably sounds terrible, but it has only struck my attention recently that I haven't been giving my skin half as much care as I should do, and my pores have never been taken into account.  As I've never really considered my pores, I hadn't even thought about purchasing a product like this, and since trying it, I can honestly say I've been missing out!  At first, I thought that this product wasn't going to compliment my skin tone so well -- as you can see from my photos, the actual colour of the liquid is quite a dark tan colour (and I am incredibly pale!).  However, much to my surprise, this blended in amazingly well, so much so that the colour is not at all noticeable (as shown in the last image).  I watched a fair few youtube tutorials about how to apply this balm, just to ensure that I was using it appropriately -- I have only applied it to my hand to give you all a clear idea of how easily it blends into your skin.

The main thing that I noticed was how incredibly smooth it left my skin feeling -- my skin hasn't ever felt so smooth from any other product!  It also made my make up very easy to apply afterwards.  What's more, you only need to use a very small amount for it to do the job.  I think I should also add that I'm not very good with measurements, so I was slightly surprised when I discovered just how small the tube was in comparison to the box, thinking it would last me no time at all - but I was very wrong!  A little certainly does go a long way with this product.  After watching the youtube tutorials, I found that the best place for me to apply this balm is actually the areas where I am using my concealer at the moment (the area below my eyes/next to my nose and where my nose meets my forehead - these are the main places that my face needed this sort of treatment).

It said on the packaging that you could use this product on top of your make up by giving it a dab over and that it would give your make up a slightly better hold.  I did try this but when I started to dab it in, the balm removed some of my actual make up, so I haven't tried using the product that way since.  I'm sticking to using the balm purely for my pores, before applying my make up, or even on days where I choose to let my skin breathe and go without foundation -- this has proven to be successful for my daily skin routine!

As I am also yet to experiment with a primer, I would quite like to try out the Benefit 'That Gal' one too since my success with the pore minimiser.

Did any of you purchase 'The POREfessional'? -- how did you find it?
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