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G-Spa 'Relax' Bath Gel by Gelicity

G-Spa 'Relax' bath gel - Gelicity (£9.99)*

I was recently given the opportunity to try out Gelicity's 'Luxury bath soak' and share my thoughts and opinions on the product with you all.  To begin with, Gelicity specialise in skincare, with bath and body products that are slightly different from those already on the shelves in the highstreet stores.  The idea behind the product I was sent is to enjoy a relaxed bathing experience whilst thoroughly caring for your skin (through exfoliation, rehydration, deep cleansing, heat therapy, aromatherapy and detox).  When bathing in the luxury bath soak, Gelicity's aim is to make you feel like you are in a spa in the comfort of your own home.

The product is to be used in two stages, so the packaging contained two different sachets of powder.  I must admit, I felt like a bit of a child trying out the bath soak.  As soon as you pour the 'step 1' contents into the bath, little gel bubbles form almost immediately and I have never used a product quite like this.  Along with the formation of the bubbles, the gorgeous aroma starts to form, consisting of Lavender, Jasmine and Bergamot -- all scents that you would typically associate with relaxation.  For a little background information, some of you may know that I used to work in Clinton Cards, where I was constantly working around the scents from the Yankee Candles we had on display -- I was never fond of the Lavender/Jasmine candles as I found their fragrance overpowering, often leading to headaches.  When I first read the scents on the packaging, I thought I was heading for trouble due to past experiences with Lavender & Jasmine but I was strongly mistaken.  The addition of the powder to the bathwater was in no way overpowering, and if anything, the water toned down the scent a little.

As you can see, the colouring from the powder starts to spread throughout the water, and what once started as a vivid purple colour (almost like dye) becomes a lovely shade of lilac.  I love bath things that make the water sparkly, pink, purple.. anything that adds a bit of colour so this was a great addition to the concept of the product.  I think I may have gone a little OTT with how much powder from the step 1 sachet I added to the amount of water I had... but it was trial and error I guess!

Whilst I'm on the topic of the powder, I must say that I would personally prefer the contents to be kept in a bag that could easily be resealed, or even small jars/tubes as I had to be especially careful not the spill any of the remaining product on the floor (but I'm sure this would raise the production costs and therefore make the bath soak a little more expensive for us to purchase).  It is currently only £9.99 which I think is very reasonable for how much you receive in the box.  When I was first asked if I would like to try out the bath soak, I was under the impression that it would be way out of my price range -- the design on the front of the box fits the idea of 'luxury' in my opinion.  The packaging says exactly what the product is and how you use it, with a fairly basic logo which I personally find quite eye catching.  I told Beth from Gelicity that I was very surprised with how affordable all of their products are.  I certainly didn't realise the box would be as large as it was when it arrived in the post!

In these photos, you can fully see how the small bubbles form under the water and how they stick to your skin.  They feel like small pieces of jelly and like I said earlier, I did feel like a big kid playing around with this product.  In my opinion, it's fun and step 1 does exactly what it sets out to do.  I noticed that the more you move in the water, the more the product sticks to you.  In the last photo, I ran my hand through the water fairly quickly and managed to hold quite a lot of the product.  If you use this bath soak, I would strongly recommend that you have your hair tied up in the bath as the little jelly pieces can be difficult to wash out (they easily wash off your skin though!).  The product makes the bath fairly slippy too, as cautioned on the box instructions, so you must be careful climbing in and out of the bath tub.

My skin did feel refreshed from using this product, but it was hard to judge whether it was just in my head or not.  I personally loved how step 1 worked -- the scent, the formation of the gel and the lilac coloured water were all a great bathing experience.  However, when I came to using 'step 2', I didn't find that it worked for me.  The instructions claimed that the white powder would turn the creamy gel back into normal bathwater, but I was still left with lots of the product around the bath tub.  This may be down to me adding too much of the purple powder though, so I would need to try it out once more with equal proportions to come to a full conclusion about the second stage of the process.  I wouldn't let the downfall of the second stage put me off purchasing another product from Gelicity though -- from the start, I was more interested in the creamy gel than sitting in plain bath water (despite the fact that the latter part is for a bit of a detox) so I would be perfectly happy just to use the contents from the first sachet only.

All in all, I think the product is great for it's key aim, relaxation.  As I touched upon before, Gelicity specialise in skin care and I do believe that my skin felt refreshed too -- I would like to try the product on a fairly regular basis to see if it dramatically improves my skin!  For any of you that favour a bath over a shower, I would highly recommend Gelicity's products -- their website is very well set out so navigation is easy and you can search for a product for your every need (revive, relax, soothe, refresh, cool, soothe feet).  Their customer service that I experienced was fantastic too!  I was in contact with Beth from Gelicity and she was very friendly to talk to about the product and was highly informative.  I also prefer to deal with companies where the members are shopper-friendly and willing to deal with any queries I may have, talking to me on a personal level.

I hope this has helped to introduce you to a lovely new brand!


  1. ohhh that looks sooo refreshing and relaxing!!! Enjoy! XOXOX

    MayT Essentials

  2. Oh wow I love how the bath water changes colour! I too am a big kid when it comes to bath products! I still get excited at bath bombs! xo

    1. I added quite a lot to make the bath very colourful! haha :) xx


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