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Oh! Organics

Following up from my last skincare review, I have another little brand to discuss called 'Oh! Organics' -- Over at 'Oh!', all of the products have been developed in the UK by Michele Daramat (having spent the last eight years working on the items that feature on the website), who I was in contact with about doing a write up for a selection of her range.  Michele specialises in luxury organic handmade cosmetics.  Despite my review being based on their skincare collection, Oh! also produce handmade soaps, lip balms and candles -- vegan lip balms and candles too!

Oh! Organics business cards

As 'Rose' is a bit of a hit or miss fragrance for me, I chose to review the 'Melissa' range, which contains fruity scents (orange & lemon).  I received both the moisturiser and toner in sample sizes.  The moisturiser retails at £24.00 for a 60ml jar -- I think this would probably last you quite a long time (the website states 3-4 months) but I wouldn't be able to afford to purchase it for myself at the moment.  The toner is a much more affordable price at £7.50 for a 50ml bottle -- just to get an idea of how much product you receive for 50ml, the bottle in my images is the actual product size, but I received a sample amount inside that.

Oh! Organics moisturiser samples
Oh! Organics moisturiser samples
Melissa Moisturiser*:
The website description of this product states 'this lovely rich and luxurious and beautifully scented cream will sink into your skin, leaving it feeling soft but dry enough so you can apply your makeup on top and your makeup will last.  The oils that have been added to this cream will be absorbed by your skin throughout the day, balancing and nourishing it'.

I must admit, I wasn't hugely fond of the smell.  When I read that the product contained fruity extracts including lemon, mango and kiwi (their oils/balm), I did think that the scent would be fresh and 'summery'.  However, the smell of the product didn't settle so well with me, I found it quite sickly and overpowering.  Despite my issues with this, I tried applying it to test whether it does what it sets out to.  The website says that the target audience for this product is anybody with younger skin, preferably somebody between their late teens to the age of thirty.

I have to say, the product did make my skin feel smoother upon application (after cleansing) -- you only need to add the tiniest amount (less than the size of a 5p coin) to notice a difference.  Once the moisturiser is rubbed in circular motions, you will start to feel your skin softening slightly.  I did still feel a bit of a film over my skin though, so I'm not sure how well my makeup would set on top of this -- so if you were to use this daily, I'd advise you to leave it a little while before applying anything over it.

Oh! Organics Melissa toner sample
Melissa Toner*:

The Melissa Toner is made from flower water extracted from essential oil distillation process.  The toner contains similar ingredients to the moisturiser (Lemon balm, Geranium and Orange flower waters; Witch Hazel and Glycerine).  The product is used to revitalise your skin and can be used after cleansing with a cotton wool pad for application, or can simply be spritzed throughout the day to make your face and body feel refreshed -- which is a great idea in the hot, summery weather.  The toner does not include alcohol -- something that I certainly try to avoid when it comes to facial skincare (I used to use the Clean & Clear one but it really aggravated my skin).

I used this toner as a spritz in the hot weather and I certainly preferred it to the moisturiser -- it is a very light product and the smell was much more diluted, more to my acquired taste!  I wasn't quite sure how much to spray so I just used enough to make my skin feel refreshed.

At £7.50, this product is far more affordable than the moisturiser but it would need to be used sparingly to get the longest use out of it.  I would recommend it to anybody that may be going on holiday over the next month or so -- it would be ideal to carry in your handbag/beach bag on a hot day to make your skin feel revitalised!


  1. i havent heard of these so thanks for sharing, I will be checking them out :)

    Tanesha x

    1. You're welcome! Glad you like the look of their cosmetics :) xx

  2. im gonna check this brand out... i love organic cosmetics! :) xxx

    1. I'm pleased I may have introduced you to a new brand :) xx


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