Saturday, 1 December 2012

Cath Kindston Fingertips

After being far too M.I.A from the blogging world recently, I'm back and with a post about my recently dabble in Cath Kidston nail art!  As always, I turned to my trusty white nail art pen from my Rio neons kit.  I also picked up quite a few new Essie nail varnishes from the Fragrance Direct site over the past few weeks and couldn't wait to use them for this!  If you haven't already heard, FD sell Essie's for less than £2.00 and are constantly updating their colours which are on offer, I'd really recommend you take a look!  Sadly I don't own a yellow Essie nail varnish so I had to pull out one of my fairly old varnishes too.  All in all, I think the colours complimented each other very well :-)

The Essie nail varnishes I used for this were: Cascade Cool (my new favourite), A Crewed Interest, Navigate Her, To Buy Or Not To Buy, and Bikini So Teeny.  I think my yellow varnish was from Tesco quite a while ago.

I took inspiration for these designs from original Cath Kidston prints and I am so happy with this as my first attempt!  For the roses on the white areas, I used my pink Rio nail art pen and worked back into them with the white pen too.  Unfortunately I didn't have a green nail art pen so I very gently dotted my Essie green varnish either side for leaves, a little bit messy at times!  I'm really considering painting some falsies with these designs.

Have any of you attempted Cath Kidston/floral nails? I'd love to see some photos!
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