Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Warehouse: 90 Minute Delivery Service

Hello everyone!

It feels like it has been forever since I last posted and I've been suffering from major blogging withdrawal symptoms recently.  I've got an exciting little concept to share with you all today, and it features a brand that I personally love, Warehouse.

As some of you may already know, back in June, Warehouse organised a national competition where entrants could submit outfits with items from the new A/W collection, reflecting their own personal style.  Since then, 9 lucky entrants have been chosen as the winners of the competition via Facebook votes.  The winners' outfits have been selected to appear in a short film, and their names have been credited too.  The film tells the story of a stylish girl that changes her outfit every 90 minutes to suit each event that occurs in her busy lifestyle (avid Britain's Next Top Model fans will also probably recognise the girl playing the role is Alex!).  The idea is based on Warehouse's new 90 minute delivery service.

I think the concept is so fresh and I wish that all of my favourite clothing websites had this option available - especially in the lead up to winter with Britain's not-so-predictable weather!  What makes the concept even better, is that the delivery service only costs 90p.  From the moment you click the 'checkout' button, Warehouse will ensure that the process takes just 90 minutes for your item to be dispatched.  The delivery option does apply to selected areas (so be sure to select the 'more info' box before checking out!).  Their record delivery time (after the initial 90 minutes) was 16 minutes!  The 90 minute delivery service is available for 90p for a limited time only.

Now excuse me whilst I buy myself a new work wardrobe....

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Sunday, 11 August 2013

New Favourites

An outfit of the day fit for a British summer
Jumper - Terranova
Cami - Primark
Disco Pants - Glamorous (via BANK Fashion)*
Necklace - New Look
Bangle - Stall in Brighton
Bracelet - Parfois (gift)
Ring - Snapdragonn
Rucksack - eBay
Sandals - Primark

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry that it has been a good week or so since I last posted, things have been very busy since getting back from Malta.  I can now also say that I'm no longer unemployed!!  I start my new job tomorrow and I will be working full-time, so I may be a little quieter on the blog front than I have been this summer, but I promise I will still be posting new things for you to read (especially on weekends).


Sunday, 4 August 2013

Holiday Series: Beauty Lies Around You

A colourful display of flowers in Malta
Rustic boats leading to the waters of the Blue Lagoon in Malta
The view of the Blue Lagoon whilst on a boat ride in Malta
The entrance to the 'Silent City' of Malta, Mdina
Rustic wall hangings and lanterns in Mdina, Malta
Beautiful overgrown purple flowers in Mdina, Malta
The views of Malta from Mdina
The 'LOVE' statue next to the bay in St Julian's, Malta

'The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page'.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Holiday Series: Knits & Neon

A neon outfit worn during my travels in Malta
Top - Primark
Skirt - River Island
Necklace - Primark
Bangle - Stall in Brighton
Clutch - Primark
Sandals - Primark

Before I went to Malta, I was having a bit of a love affair with knitted vests.  Despite the weather being so humid abroad, I still decided to sport my white knitted vest that I picked up in Primark before I went away.  I basically wore it as a cover-up, over bandeaus and bikinis.  I was on the lookout for the perfect crochet cover-up before I went, but I didn't quite manage to find one.  So this suited me just fine as a replacement.

I teamed my knitted vest with a very recent purchase of mine, the lime/neon ribbed tube skirt from River Island (I've linked the longer version above!).  I absolutely adore the colour and didn't even think twice when it came to snatching it off the rail and rushing on over to the till.  Sadly the fit isn't very forgiving and cycle shorts are probably required in order to hide any lumps and bumps.  But at least the colour is gorgeous!

Friday, 2 August 2013

Holiday Series: Palm Leaves

A palm leaf print outfit I wore during my travels in Malta
Top - H&M
Skirt - Motel Rocks
Bangle - Stall in Brighton
Clutch - Primark
Sandals - Primark

Here is another little snippet of an outfit I wore on holiday.  I bought the palm leaf print skirt a few months ago and I was desperate to get some wear out of it.  I always feel a wee bit self-conscious when it comes to wearing anything bodycon, especially in the UK, but Malta gave me the perfect excuse to give it a try.  The denim tie-up shirt is quite an old purchase from H&M.  I think I actually bought it a year ago for when I went to Portugal with Alex -- it's such a handy item to have in your wardrobe.

I'm desperate to get my hands on the black version of this skirt now too!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Holiday Series: Guess Who?

A leopard print themed outfit I wore during my travels in Malta
A closeup of an outfit I wore during my travels in Malta
Cami - Topshop (gift)
Shorts - Glamorous (via BANK Fashion)*
Necklace - Primark
Bangle - Stall in Brighton
Clutch - Primark
Sandals - Primark

Hello lovelies!

I am now back from my holiday in Malta and I am already suffering from the post-holiday blues.  The weather out there was so gorgeous, reaching around 34 degrees each day.  I was somehow still incapable of managing to catch a tan though.  Instead, I became a big bundle of freckles... with a rather sun-burnt nose.  Nevertheless, I have a few mini outfit posts to share with you all --  I managed to get Alex to take some outfit snaps for me whilst we were away, so kudos to him for his photography skills!

The majority of the time spent in Malta, I ended up opting for loose-fitting tees and denim shorts.  The weather was just far too humid to go for anything else.  If it was socially acceptable, I think I would have worn a bikini 24/7.  I couldn't resist this cami and Glamorous shorts* duo whilst I was out there.  I love the acid wash effect of the shorts and they are literally the perfect fit & length -- no awkward wardrobe malfunctions happened whilst walking around the island, hooray!

Whilst I was away, I suffered from some major blogging withdrawal symptoms.  Although I am pretty sad to be back in England, boy does it feel good to be able to blog again.  I'm feeling so refreshed since my time away.  It's amazing what a little break can do to you.

I hope you're all well!

Monday, 8 July 2013

NSPA: Bathing & Beauty Rituals

A goodie bag from NSPA featuring lots of beauty products
Inside my NSPA goodie bag with lots of beauty products
An array of skincare products from the NSPA collection
Shower products from the NSPA collection
A hair product from the NSPA collection
I recently had the absolute pleasure of receiving this bundle of goodies courtesy of the lovely NSPA team.  With the lead up to summer, I have started to take a lot better care of my skin and hair, so I was very excited to give these new products a whirl.  I was sent a selection of products from their Bathing Rituals & Beauty Rituals collections, with a Hair Rituals treat thrown in too.  The products came in a very handy little carry-case, which I'm going to continue to use for storage after I've used up all of the items.


Friday, 5 July 2013

Tropical Ombré

A summery look consisting of Ombre hair and a Chi Chi Clothing dress
A close up of my dress from Chi Chi Clothing
A summery outfit of the day featuring Chi Chi Clothing
A close up of accessories worn with my Chi Chi Clothing dress
A beautiful ombre dress from Chi Chi Clothing
Dionis Dress - Chi Chi Clothing*
Necklace - Primark
Clutch - Primark
Bangle - Stall in Brighton
Gladiators - Primark

Don't you just love this summery weather we're having at the moment?  I decided to relocate my 'outfit photo spot' to my garden today as I couldn't resist making the most of the sunshine.  Today's outfit features the most beautiful dress I own, and it's from Chi Chi Clothing*.  I absolutely love the ombré colouring to the chiffon lower half of the dress, with a subtle slit at the front, adding to the flow of the fabric.  I cannot wait to wear this on nights out in Malta -- the length is perfect to team a pair of wedges or chunky heels with it too, but I chose to stick to my new favourite Primark gladiators (as seen in my holiday wardrobe haul!).  I added a bit of a 'boho' vibe to this outfit by throwing on some chunky arm/hand & neck candy, including this beautiful white stone ring from Ellise Vintage*.  I think the white stone worked really well with the Primark clutch & the gold matched the statement necklace.

It's also well worth a mention that despite the dress being chiffon on the bottom, there is a mustard yellow body con underskirt to prevent any wardrobe mishaps.  I even love the body con section of this dress & the bustier helps to give you even more of a body tuck/boost.

This outfit is making me beyond excited to go away.  I cannot believe we jet off in just two weeks tomorrow, AHHH!
Get me on that plane! (or not... I'm a pretty nervous flier, help).

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

SS13 Holiday Wardrobe Haul

I've been saying for a good two weeks now that I had a pretty large summer holiday wardrobe haul to either blog or film -- I decided to stick to blogging, despite how photo-heavy this post is going to be, so sorry in advance for that!  I have been gathering up items to take to Malta for the last month or so, every time I've had a little bit of money, and it's resulted in a rather large haul.  I'm sticking to only taking the basics when it comes to accessories & jewellery -- I find jewellery difficult to keep in my suitcase without getting broken or tangled up -- so that's the reason for being a bit repetitive with the gold jewellery complimenting my outfits.  Anyway, let's get started....

Rustic accessories for my holiday in Malta
Necklace - Primark, £3
Elephant bangle - Stall in Brighton, £5
Clutch - Primark, £8ish (I think)

Gladiator sandals and aztec flip flops
Gladiators - Primark, £12
Aztec flip flops - Primark, £1

An example of an outfit I wore in Malta
A close up of an outfit I wore in Malta
Bold printed shorts from Primark
Knitted vest - Primark, £2 (sale)
Shorts - Primark, £4 (Missguided dupes)

Brightly coloured skirts from Motel Rocks and River Island
Bright printed skirts from Motel Rocks and River Island
Palm print skirt - Motel Rocks, £22 (you can get 20% off with discount code 'Vanity Frills')
Neon textured skirt - River Island, £15

A summer outfit from H&M and Primark
Cute detailing on a denim pair of shorts from Primark
Beading & patterns on a pair of denim shorts from Primark
Knitted vest - H&M, £5 (sale)
Necklace - Primark, £3
Embellished denim shorts - Primark, £10

Bright coloured tops perfect for the Summer
Neon yellow cami - Primark, £3ish
Turqouise knitted vest - Primark, bought for £6, now £2 in sale
Coral chiffon crop top - Hearts & Bows via Ark Clothing*
Neon orange cami - Primark, £3ish

Denim dungarees and knitwear
A closeup of an outfit with denim dungarees and knitwear
Dungaree shorts - Hearts & Bows via Ark Clothing*

A bright coloured playsuit from SheInside
A neon Yellow playsuit from SheInside
Neon mesh playsuit - SheInside, £15.60 (orange version available here)

An outfit for the pool featuring my favourite bikini from Topshop
An outfit for the pool featuring my favourite bikini from Topshop
A Topshop bikini styled as a top with a River Island skirt
A Topshop bikini styled with a Motel Rocks skirt
Gunmetal slinky cage bikini - Topshop, £32

A floaty Primark dress with gold accessories
A floaty White Primark dress with Gold Primark accessories
Tie-back dress - Primark, £6ish

A perfect Festival outfit featuring Missguided, Primark and Warehouse
Dress - Warehouse*

All I'm searching for now are a few more pairs of denim shorts that cover my dignity (why are they so hard to find?!), a crochet cover-up and a kimono.  I hope you enjoyed this post & a glimpse at some of my outfit ideas!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum

The Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S Thirst-Quenching Serum
The Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S Thirst-Quenching Serum

If you've been a follower of my blog for quite some time, you will probably by now know that I really don't like how loosely the term 'holy grail' is often used in the bloggersphere.  However, when it comes to the Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum, I have no other way to describe it than being my holy grail product.  I first managed to get my hands on a sample of this when I was a subscriber of Glossybox -- it came in their April 2012, 'Natural Beauty Box'.  Ever since then, it has been a product that I have wanted to permanently initiate into my morning/evening skincare routine.  In my opinion, the Thirst Quenching Serum (just going to refer to it as 'TQS' from now on due to it's name being a bit of a mouthful!) is SO underrated.  It is usually the Caudalie 'Beauty Elixir' that seems to be discussed the most.

I use the TQS every morning and every evening and it has really, really benefited my skin.  The product itself is almost like applying milk to my skin -- the consistency is very thin and runny yet it instantly leaves my skin feeling refreshed after being blended in.  The serum absorbs quickly and leaves a scent which I can only compare to almonds.  I have been using TQS along with my Bio-Oil and they seem to compliment each other perfectly.  They're both suitable for sensitive skin & the scent of each are fairly similar once dry.  I used to have quite dry skin around my nose and this has fully cleared since using both products.  I also used to pay no attention whatsoever to my neck area, up until recently when I discovered that it is one of the areas which shows signs of ageing the quickest -- I have since been massaging my TQS into my neck area in the morning & evening as part of my routine.  A little goes a long way with TQS so I only really use one pump for my forehead, cheeks & nose, then a second pump for my chin/neck area.

As always, what works for my skin may not necessarily work in the same way for another person.  However, if you have sensitive skin & you prefer to stay away from perfumed products, I'd really suggest trying a sample of TQS and Bio-Oil.  I just think they are a perfect combination & they don't require too much time to slot into your daily routine.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Deborah Milano: Shine Creator Lipstick

Deborah Milano Shine Creator Lipstick
Deborah Milano Shine Creator Lipstick
Deborah Milano Shine Creator Lipstick in Shade 8
Deborah Milano Shine Creator Lipstick in Shade 8 Swatch

I first became familiar with the brand, Deborah Milano, through Twitter and I recently had the opportunity to review one of their lipsticks.  I opted for a lipstick from their Shine Creator collection.  The shade I chose was number 8, 'Rossetto' -- purely because the colour was such a rich pink and I always love to go for a bright pink lipstick.  On the website, it states that this is a light-weight, luminous lipstick which combines the shine of a lip gloss with the comfort of a lipstick and the moisturising properties of a lip balm.

The first thing I noticed upon application was the scent.  I really loved it!  The scent is a 'good-enough-to-eat' kind of smell.. like a combination of cocoa butter and honey.  I much prefer this to a fruity-smelling cosmetic -- I think it's far less overpowering & doesn't leave me prone to headaches.  And if I'm giving my lips a top-up throughout the day, it's a smell that I won't grow tired of.

Next, the consistency.  It definitely did strike me as a lip gloss -- the texture isn't quite so 'matte' as the other lipsticks that I own.  It has more of a sticky consistency and I found that it did need quite a few coats to get the full potential from the colour.  It does have a glossy finish and the colour is really appealing after around 3+ coats, but that completely depends upon how bright you want your lips to look -- I personally like very neon/vibrant lips so I go a little overboard when it comes to coats of lipstick.  Despite how many coats I applied, the lipstick still sat well on my lips and didn't sink into the cracks, which is always positive.  I think my only real negative would have to be the packaging.  It's a little bit bulky for my personal taste.  The packaging of their 'Atomic Red Mat Lipstick' would definitely be more likely to draw me in if I were to see their lipstick collection on the shelf in a store.  However, you know a product has done well when the only complaint I can make is the packaging!

All-in-all, I think that the Deborah Milano Shine Creator Lipstick sets out to do everything that it claims to.  The application is in the form of a lipstick, the texture is like that of a lip gloss and when you rub your lips together, it really does feel like a lip balm.  Testing out this lipstick has certainly left me intrigued to try lipsticks from their other ranges, especially to see how they compare as regular lipsticks.  This Shine Creator lipstick will most likely be popping up in outfit posts from now on and will be a new little addition to my everyday handbag.
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