Sunday, 27 January 2013

I Dreamed A Dream

Quick vampy nails// A purchase I just couldn't resist!// Gorgeous flowers from my boyfriend// Smiths fanatic//
New read!// Bit of Brand New to start the day// Favourite perfume EVER// French nails before Les Mis//
Chocolate before bed is never a bad thing// Selfie// Roses make a girl happy// PoreFessional is back in my life!

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend - I went to see Les Miserables last night and it was incredibly good (I did sob at the end but tried to hold back my sniffles until I left the cinema).  Even if you haven't seen Les Miserables in the theatre, I'd recommend checking it out in the cinema - if you can handle sitting still for three hours!

Now for today.  Today is a Sunday, which means nothing can make me move from my bed.  Time for a day filled with Keeping Up With The Kardashians and chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Finding Happiness

Lately, I have been trying out different ways to banish my anxiety - and some seem to be helping a lot.  The key to having an anxiety-free day lies in finding ways to keep calm and focus my thoughts on other things.  Sometimes I forget that I need to look after myself.  For anybody else in the same boat, I wanted to share a few ideas to help you, quite literally, 'keep calm and carry on'.

When I get home from work, a lot of the time, I want nothing more than my bed and my TV.  I love it when I find a new series to watch copious amounts of.  It's okay to watch back-to-back episodes of your favourite soap or 'trashy' TV program.  Do what makes you happy.  I'd always recommend buying the O.C. box set - you may go into hibernation to watch the whole 4 series of the show, but Seth Cohen makes that totally acceptable.

Chocolate is the best comfort food. Period.  Build up a mini stash of your favourite chocolate bars or chocolate boxes for when you need to satisfy your cravings.  Oreo Dairy Milk is a winner!

Flowers instantly lift your mood and add a fresh touch to any room.  My boyfriend & I recently celebrated our two year anniversary and to my delight, he bought me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers! Since then, I keep wanting to have flowers in my room.  During a recent food shopping trip, I found a beautiful bunch of pink roses (as pictured above) and decided to treat myself to them.  I also gave them a 'freshly picked' feel by chopping the stems and putting them into a small glass water jug.  You don't always need to be given flowers as a gift, you can treat yourself :-)

Since reading 'Perks of Being A Wallflower', it may sound cliché, but I have had an entirely different outlook on everyday life.  I love being able to find a book/song/film that can change your perception on things, and POBAW did exactly that - I'd recommend it to anybody!  I have just started reading 'Looking For Alaska' too, so let's hope it can be up there with my favourite reads soon.

Who doesn't love receiving post?  If you spot something you like online, get it!  It's always lovely to come home from work/a day out and find post on your door step.  Or, if you enjoy writing/learning about another part of the world, why not try to find a penpal?  It's helped me a huge deal being able to open up to new people and send/receive gifts.  It's a great way to make new friends with similar interests!

I have been having a lot of skin complaints recently due to a reaction to my every-day foundation.  This, too, took a toll on my anxiety & left me not wanting to leave the house for much of the winter months.  I have tried to switch things around and take better care of myself - for Christmas, I received a Liz Earle travel set with just about everything you could want to improve your skin.  Rather than looking at my skin as a chore to take care of, I have tried to see it as a way of relaxing.  As soon as I get home from work, I take all of my makeup off with makeup remover/wipes & then move straight on to using my cleansers, toners and moisturisers - it gives you an instant boost and has made me feel thoroughly refreshed in the evenings!

Do you have any routines to help you relax?

Monday, 14 January 2013

I Love... Strawberries & Milkshake

I Love... Strawberries & Milkshake body wash
I am more of a shower person than a bath person so I love finding new products to use on a daily basis.  For Christmas, I received the 'I love... Strawberries & Milkshake' shower smoothie* - strawberry is always my go-to fruity scent so I was excited to try this.

The packaging is similar to that of Philosophy, with the descriptive text across the front of the bottle.  Despite the product sharing similarities with Philosophy - it's price is far more affordable, retailing at around £2.05 online.

The smell of this product is gorgeous - literally good enough to eat!  As soon as you open the lid, you can smell the aroma of fresh strawberries (not so much the 'milkshake' scent though), but I'm not complaining.

The smoothie can be used as a bubble bath, but I have only used it as a shower gel.  I found that you need to be quite generous with the amount of product that you lather onto your skin - I felt refreshed after using this product, but I didn't feel that it made a dramatic difference to the smoothness of my skin.  I think it's excellent to make your skin feel and smell fresh after your shower though, and it's a scent that isn't too overpowering for a morning shower before work!

If you're like me, and like to see an array of girly/pink coloured products on your bathroom shelf, this is perfect to add that feminine touch to your bathroom.  It's also handy for an everyday product that won't put you out of pocket if you purchase it regularly, too!  I would recommend giving this shower smoothie a go, especially if you enjoy strawberry-scented products - just not for a huge difference to your skin!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Girly Snaps

Kicking back with my new Company mag// Essie 'Mint Candy Apple'*//Love them or hate them, new uggs!// Penpals
My favourite place// Prettiest packaging, Chanel Bronzer yet to be reviewed*// The Hobbit!// Festive drinking
A tiny bit of shopping..// Penpal parcel!// Primark falsies// Secret Santa present from Alex* <33

I am well and truly hooked on Instagram, so here's a little peak at some snaps I have posted over the last month and in the lead up to Christmas.  I did post a few more beauty products on there but I didn't want to give away what I'm going to be reviewing shortly...

Do you have a favourite Instagram page that I should follow?

Better Things Are Coming

I know we're already half-way through January but it feels so good to be back with my first post of the year!  I've been taking some time out from blogging recently - as I touched upon a while ago now, I suffer from anxiety, and it reached a high over Christmas.  I've been wanting to blog for such a long time but my mind hasn't been in the right place whilst settling in to my new job.  Anyway, I'm finally getting some structure back into my life, so here's to a new year of blogging!

I thought long and hard about a New Year's resolution for 2013 and I didn't feel that a change was needed.  All I want for 2013 is to keep things the same as last year, but blog more.  On Vanity Frills this year, you can expect far more beauty reviews - I've gathered up a drawer full of products that I would like to share with you all, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

Some of you may have noticed that I have given Vanity Frills a little re-vamp!  I felt it was long overdue & I have tried to make things a bit more user-friendly.  I'm still in the process of adding the finishing touches though :-)

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