Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Bite Beauty Discovery Set

Bite Beauty Discovery Set of 5 lipsticks
Bite Beauty Discovery Set of 5 lipsticks
Bite Beauty Discovery Set matte black packaging
Bite Beauty Discovery Set of 5 lipsticks
Bite Beauty Discovery Set of 5 pink and red lipsticks
Bite Beauty Discovery Set lipstick swatches
Bite Beauty Bite Size Discovery Set of 5*

Quite a while ago now, I received this gorgeous lipstick set in a parcel from my American penpal, Karissa.  I had never heard of the brand 'Bite Beauty' before this & I was excited to give these lippies a try.  Bite Beauty are a brand based in Toronto and their products can also be found exclusively in Sephora stores & online.  This particular set is no longer available however, Bite's other products can be found on the Sephora site.  Alternatively, the lipsticks contained in this set can be found in full-size on Amazon.

Bite's products are made from natural food-grade ingredients and contain antioxidant reservatrol to 'fight free radicals and nourish lips with every use' - as stated inside the packaging (which is a fabulous rubber-coated matte black tin, might I add).  Despite the products being made up from natural food-grade ingredients, they are unscented, which is a bonus for any of you that are prone to headaches like I am!

The set I received contained 5 mini lipsticks in various shades; 'Retsina', 'Musk', 'Shiraz', 'Fig' and 'Pomegranate'.  Retsina was my absolute favourite from this set but sadly I lost it between receiving this parcel and reviewing the set - it was my 'holy grail' nude lipstick and came with me everywhere in my handbag, so as you can imagine, I was very upset to lose it!  Retsina is very similar to 'Rossetto' from the Kate Moss collection & it has a very creamy texture to it.  If you're after a 'barely there' lipstick to wear on a regular basis, I'd really recommend giving Retsina a try.

As you might be able to tell from the photos, Musk and Shiraz are the other 2 lipsticks which have had the most use.  I'm more of a natural lipstick kind of girl, and these are the next closest to nude in this set.  They don't apply quite as smoothly as my Retsina lippy did and I do need to apply a few coats to get the full colour showing on my lips - I think this is down to the fact that they're not so creamy in texture.  Musk and Shiraz can be fairly drying due to this.  However, the latter 2 colours in my swatch, Fig and Pomegranate are more in-keeping with the creamy texture - they last a lot longer than Musk and Shiraz so reapplying isn't as much of an issue.

Once this set runs out, I would definitely think about repurchasing Retsina and maybe Musk too.  They're my ideal shades to carry around in my handbag & can be worn whatever the occasion.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Hello From Me

I just got my hair chopped!

I realised I don't tend to post photos of who is behind Vanity Frills *camera shy* so I thought I'd take the time out to say 'hello' and pop my face on here :-)

I hope you're all having a lovely week so far!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

My 'Go-To' Fragrance

Katie Price 'Stunning', 50ml

I'm back with another fragrance review - this is probably the very least likely perfume that would be put to my name when asked what my all-time favourite fragrance is!  Controversial maybe, but I am by no means a Katie Price fan.  However, when she brought out this fragrance back when I was in secondary school, I tried it in a shop and fell in love with it!  Albeit, I'm not a fan of the name, 'Stunning' - but branding aside, the fragrance has become my signature!

The fragrance consists of long top notes of mandarin, violet and jasmine.  It also has background notes with blends of patchouli and bergamot.  When I use this fragrance, I can just distinguish a very fruity/sugared raspberry scent.  I can spray as much of this perfume as I like and not get fed up or overwhelmed by the scent.

Whilst Stunning is very affordable (in my opinion!) at £17.95 for the 50ml size over on Cheap Smells, Next also do a replica called 'Diamonds' for £10.00 for 75ml.  I was given Diamonds for Christmas one year and couldn't get over the fact that the smell is almost identical to Katie Price's.  The bottle replicates Stunning, too, in a more flattened diamond shape with a slightly darker pink tone.  Despite having tried both perfumes, I will forever repurchase Stunning, but I will be a snob and dispose of the packaging to hide the brand, sorry!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Juicy Couture: Viva La Juicy

I'll start by saying, I was sold by the packaging for this product.  The cute pink bow, the golden detailing on the bottle...  and I had seen in photos that it came adorned with a Juicy Couture charm on the front - I didn't realise that was just on the larger sizes (50ml/100ml) of this perfume, oops!  I bought the 30ml sized bottle from Cheap Smells.

But appearance aside, I absolutely loved this scent!  It's a very recognisable scent when you're wearing it, and can easily become your 'signature smell'.  It contains notes of wild berries, mandarins, honeysuckle, gardenia and jasmine.  I certainly couldn't smell Jasmine in there - which is a good thing for me because along with Lavender, it is one of the scents that can make me prone to headaches.  The fragrance also contains notes of amber, caramel, vanilla, sandalwood and praline - all of which I can definitely smell & give the sweet touch to this fragrance, especially the caramel/vanilla combo!  It's a very youthful-smelling perfume, fruity & sweet.  I find that I only need to apply this once in the morning and I can smell it right throughout the day.

Since buying this, Viva La Juicy is going to be one of those perfumes that I just have to replenish when I see it nearing on empty.  I bought this on a whim & I will be buying it in a larger size when this bottle runs out!

Girly Nails

With a little belated inspiration from Valentines Day and a lot of inspiration from WAH Nails, I decided to have a play around with my Rio Nails pens & nail wheels on the weekend.  I normally try to stick to a colour scheme and fail miserably as I get distracted by too many ideas to put onto nails..  but this time I've stuck to pretty girly colours, woo!  For anybody that likes the look of nail art but is a little afraid to give it a proper go, leopard print nails are always a winner in my books - they're my favourites every time I put together nail wheels.  I find that the more clashing the colours are that you pick for the spots/basecoat, the better the outcome - note: see pink nails with Essie 'Mint Candy Apple' splodges.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

A Month in Nail Art

(top row)
- OPI 'The Thrill of Brazil' & white Rio nail art pen 
- OPI 'Russian Navy'
- Essie 'To Buy or Not To Buy'

(bottom row)
- Essie 'Mademoiselle' & OPI 'My Boyfriend Scales Walls'
- OPI 'Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!' & OPI 'Metallic 4 Life'
- Essie 'Mint Candy Apple'

My Instagram mostly consists of nail-related photos & I'm often getting asking which nail varnish I have used.  Here is just a small round-up of my nails over the past month or so, including my 'go-to' Essie nail varnish, 'To Buy or Not To Buy'.  I used to change my nails almost every three days before I started working full-time - now I can only give my nails some TLC on weekends so I have to opt for shades/designs that I won't get bored of during the week.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Chorus Voice Collection, Clarks X Liberty

Heather Suede 'Chorus Voice' Shoes*

Clarks have recently collaborated with Liberty London for their gorgeous new 'Chorus Voice' shoe line.  The line consists of court shoes in three different styles: Heather Suede (as featured above), Orange Suede (for an edgier look) and Black Snake (a sophisticated court shoe with a 'snake skin' covering).  The suede shoes are lined with Liberty Art Fabrics as a finishing touch.  All of the shoes have such a timeless feel to them, and the sweetheart topline adds to their elegance.

I think their choice of colours is excellent -- if you're after a simple heel to wear out for dinner or even during the day time, you can easily opt for the Heather Suede or Black Snake court shoes.  Or maybe when it comes to Summer, you're after a heel to brighten up your outfit, or colour-block with another vivid shade/print, the Orange Suede would be your go-to.

Along with their design, the Chorus Voice collection are also in my good books due to their sizing - they come in half sizes!  I normally struggle to find a perfect-fitting shoe as I fall awkwardly between size 6 and 7. Clarks have catered to our needs for half sizes and offer a wide range of shoe sizes (and widths), hoorah!

If you're after a new SS13 staple piece for your wardrobe, why not take a peak at this collection?

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Chip Skip by O.P.I

O.P.I 'Chip Skip' is my new little savior when it comes to keeping my nail varnish in place for a working week at the office.  I received Chip Skip in one of my nail sets for Christmas.  I normally always opt for my trusty (would say 'holy grail' but I hate that term) O.P.I 'Nail Envy' but I decided to use Chip Skip instead on a whim.  Now, it does state that you are supposed to apply this product before using your base coat/lacquer but the consistency is so thin, that I wanted to try it as a top coat/sheen! You don't need to use a huge amount to get results - it is literally like applying water to your nails.

As you can hopefully see, my nails do have a shine to them!  I applied Chip Skip to my nails after two coats of Essie 'To Buy or Not To Buy' - the outcome didn't make my nails look quite as thick/heavily-coated as when I use Nail Envy, however.  I found that Chip Skip dried incredibly fast, which is something I always appreciate when I'm trying to do my nails in a hurry on a weekend.  Throughout the week, I have also tried giving my nails a top up and they have become noticeably stronger!
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