Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Bite Beauty Discovery Set

Bite Beauty Discovery Set of 5 lipsticks
Bite Beauty Discovery Set of 5 lipsticks
Bite Beauty Discovery Set matte black packaging
Bite Beauty Discovery Set of 5 lipsticks
Bite Beauty Discovery Set of 5 pink and red lipsticks
Bite Beauty Discovery Set lipstick swatches
Bite Beauty Bite Size Discovery Set of 5*

Quite a while ago now, I received this gorgeous lipstick set in a parcel from my American penpal, Karissa.  I had never heard of the brand 'Bite Beauty' before this & I was excited to give these lippies a try.  Bite Beauty are a brand based in Toronto and their products can also be found exclusively in Sephora stores & online.  This particular set is no longer available however, Bite's other products can be found on the Sephora site.  Alternatively, the lipsticks contained in this set can be found in full-size on Amazon.

Bite's products are made from natural food-grade ingredients and contain antioxidant reservatrol to 'fight free radicals and nourish lips with every use' - as stated inside the packaging (which is a fabulous rubber-coated matte black tin, might I add).  Despite the products being made up from natural food-grade ingredients, they are unscented, which is a bonus for any of you that are prone to headaches like I am!

The set I received contained 5 mini lipsticks in various shades; 'Retsina', 'Musk', 'Shiraz', 'Fig' and 'Pomegranate'.  Retsina was my absolute favourite from this set but sadly I lost it between receiving this parcel and reviewing the set - it was my 'holy grail' nude lipstick and came with me everywhere in my handbag, so as you can imagine, I was very upset to lose it!  Retsina is very similar to 'Rossetto' from the Kate Moss collection & it has a very creamy texture to it.  If you're after a 'barely there' lipstick to wear on a regular basis, I'd really recommend giving Retsina a try.

As you might be able to tell from the photos, Musk and Shiraz are the other 2 lipsticks which have had the most use.  I'm more of a natural lipstick kind of girl, and these are the next closest to nude in this set.  They don't apply quite as smoothly as my Retsina lippy did and I do need to apply a few coats to get the full colour showing on my lips - I think this is down to the fact that they're not so creamy in texture.  Musk and Shiraz can be fairly drying due to this.  However, the latter 2 colours in my swatch, Fig and Pomegranate are more in-keeping with the creamy texture - they last a lot longer than Musk and Shiraz so reapplying isn't as much of an issue.

Once this set runs out, I would definitely think about repurchasing Retsina and maybe Musk too.  They're my ideal shades to carry around in my handbag & can be worn whatever the occasion.


  1. These look really pretty and I love the simple packaging. I'm sorry you lost your favourite one though! xxx

    1. It's my favourite beauty packaging that I own actually! The lipstick cases are rubbery to match the tin (& it comes with a mirror which is an added bonus). I guess it's just an excuse for some retail therapy! :) xxx

  2. Replies
    1. They are a really lovely selection, and the red shade is a lot more outgoing for a different occasion! xx


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