Saturday, 23 February 2013

My 'Go-To' Fragrance

Katie Price 'Stunning', 50ml

I'm back with another fragrance review - this is probably the very least likely perfume that would be put to my name when asked what my all-time favourite fragrance is!  Controversial maybe, but I am by no means a Katie Price fan.  However, when she brought out this fragrance back when I was in secondary school, I tried it in a shop and fell in love with it!  Albeit, I'm not a fan of the name, 'Stunning' - but branding aside, the fragrance has become my signature!

The fragrance consists of long top notes of mandarin, violet and jasmine.  It also has background notes with blends of patchouli and bergamot.  When I use this fragrance, I can just distinguish a very fruity/sugared raspberry scent.  I can spray as much of this perfume as I like and not get fed up or overwhelmed by the scent.

Whilst Stunning is very affordable (in my opinion!) at £17.95 for the 50ml size over on Cheap Smells, Next also do a replica called 'Diamonds' for £10.00 for 75ml.  I was given Diamonds for Christmas one year and couldn't get over the fact that the smell is almost identical to Katie Price's.  The bottle replicates Stunning, too, in a more flattened diamond shape with a slightly darker pink tone.  Despite having tried both perfumes, I will forever repurchase Stunning, but I will be a snob and dispose of the packaging to hide the brand, sorry!

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