Friday, 22 March 2013

Beauty Success Palette

Beauty Success Palette outer packaging
Beauty Success Palette colour shades
Many months back when I first got into blogging, Alex's mum very kindly brought back this 'Beauty Success' makeup palette* for me after visiting France.  The palette itself folds out to display a trio of eye shadows, blushers and lip glosses - complete with brushes & mirror.  I've been trying to be more adventurous with my makeup recently, easing myself into eye shadows by applying very pale colours to start off with.  I've never properly shown how gorgeous all of the colours are so I've thrown together a few swatches for you all to see.

First off, the eye shadows!
Beauty Success Palette swatches
Beauty Success Palette coloured eyeshadow swatches
Beauty Success Palette smokey eyeshadow swatches
Each row of eye shadows in this palette is perfect for a different occasion.  My favourite by far has to be the first row - the pastel/pearlised shades are so beautiful!  As I'm very pale-skinned (despite having St. Moriz tan developing in these photos) I find it quite difficult to get a shade to suit me.  If I'm going out for the evening, I tend to use the very light eye shadows to perk my eyes up a little; I apply a very small amount with my finger at the corners of my eye to act as a highlighter - these shades work perfectly for that.  Row two is a little too daring for me.  I think they'd be great shades if you fancied experimenting with different looks, or even for a makeup artist to try out, but for me, not really my style!  As a complete contrast to my favourites, I do also love row three, the more 'vamp' shades.  These will be excellent for when I choose to give the smokey eye look a go.  The darkest shade on the far right is so beautiful - the camera just doesn't do it justice, it actually has a mix of silver with it in the palette!  My only flaw with the eye shadows is that I found them a little bit powdery; when rubbing on each palette to get the right amount of colour on the makeup tool, the powder had a tendency to break away.  It has a great holding power once applied to your skin, you just need to be slightly careful not to get the powder on your clothes/floor when dabbing away!

Next up, the lip glosses.
Beauty Success Palette lip colour swatches
Beauty Success Palette lip colour swatches
Lippy-wise, I usually prefer to have a thick lipstick to apply rather than dabbing at a palette.  However, the colours in this palette are way too nice to waste.  I think the first row is perfect for my pale skin - I personally love wearing very pink or natural shades.  The consistency is just right too, not leaving my lips dry after application.  I think row two is excellent for more tanned skin - my favourite shade has to be the third from the right on both rows, the textures are very creamy too!

And lastly, the blushers.
Beauty Success Palette blusher swatches
I love, love, love trying out new blushers.  At the moment, I absolutely swear by Bobbi Brown 'Light Pink', but I've also been on the lookout for a more orangey-toned blush to wear regularly - this palette offers just that!  The pink blushers in this palette are a lot paler than my current one, possibly better for a more natural looking rosy-cheek.  The only blusher that I wouldn't use on my own skin would be the far right one - it's far too sandy-toned for me & wouldn't do my skin any favours unfortunately!  Again with the colours I've swatched, my only flaw would be how easily they crumble away (as I commented on with the eye shadows).  Aside from that, I am a pretty big fan of this palette & would certainly love to try more of the Beauty Success range.


  1. What a beautiful palette, I love the colour variety!
    Fashion Ganache.

  2. Ive always wanted a decent palette like this to experiment with, looks so cool!
    Megan xxx

    1. This is the best palette I've ever owned! You can do so many different looks with it :) xxx

  3. Id never heard of Beauty Success before but will definitely be checking them out, the colours in this palette look gorgeous! really handy to have a palette with everything in as well x

    1. I hadn't heard of them before either! I think they may be available from Sephora too :) xx

  4. Whoa, the lipglosses are insane! Might have to take a look at it!


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