Sunday, 1 June 2014

Parisian Photo Diary; Part 2

Upon visiting Paris, one of the main things that Alex and I had most been looking forward to, was visiting lots of art galleries and museums.  Naturally, we paid a visit to The Louvre, and the grounds alone blew me away.  The outside building was so magnificent and it was hard to imagine just how much effort went into designing/constructing it.  We were lucky to be treated to sunshine when visiting, and we were able to take in the views and surroundings before going into the museum.  Once inside, I still could not quite get over the design of the building - the high ceilings adorned with paintings were spectacular and no photos could quite display this.  I felt accomplished having seen the Mona Lisa, even if there were crowds of people flocking to the painting...

The grounds outside the Louvre in Paris A breath-taking photo of Parisian architecture
The grounds and fountains outside the Louvre in Paris Beautifully detailed paintings on the ceilings inside the Louvre in Paris

We also paid a visit to the Eiffel Tower - I had promised myself that I would go up to the top, but once the heights kicked in on the first level, I couldn't go any further... we were even going to walk the whole way because I'm equally as nervous when it comes to being in lifts! Minus being a major wuss, the views were breath-taking.  If I ever return to Paris, I will have to make sure I visit the top - it just feels like something you HAVE to experience during your time there.

The approach to the Eiffel Tower through the side streets of Paris Beneath the Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower on a wonderfully sunny day in Paris The views of the Palace of Versailles from the first floor of the Eiffel Tower 

We paid a visit to all of the key 'tourist' attractions, including the Notre Dame, and the 'Padlock Bridge'.  I think the padlock bridge was one of the bits I was most excited for - when we visited Malta last year, people had started to mimick this idea around the bay where we were staying, and we added a padlock with our names to the railings there.  It felt overwhelming to visit the real thing in Paris, and we picked up a padlock at a local stall along the river Seine (the stalls are certainly worth a ponder for trinkets and prints).  It was lovely reading the messages left on padlocks of past visitors over many years.

 photo image_zps091421ba.jpg Outside the Notre Dame in Paris
The 'Lovelock' Bridge in Paris with just some of the thousands of padlocks attached Our own padlock on the Padlock Bridge in Paris

Stay tuned for my third and final installment of the trip!


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  2. Great photos! Paris is my favourite city, and your post has reminded me of how much I want to go back :)
    Lu |


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