Sunday, 3 January 2016

What I got for Christmas 2015

Johanna Basford Secret Garden Colouring Book
Too Faced Love Palette
Lush Christmas Christingle
Lush The Magic of Christmas
Champneys Bubble Haven Gift Set
Champneys Body Butters
Caudalie Skincare Gift Set
Christmas Stocking Fillers
Cath Kidston Pyjamas and Homeware
Miss Dior Perfume
Gale Hayman Lipstick and Estee Lauder Shell
Ted Baker Gift Set
Soap & Glory Skincare
Zoella Bath and Body Products
Estee Lauder Skincare Samples
As much as I hate to admit it, Christmas is now over, but I couldn't let it pass without posting my 'What I got for Christmas' feature.  In fact, this post is going up as our Christmas tree and decorations are coming down, boo.  I absolutely love reading these types of posts, and it gives me present ideas for upcoming birthdays.  Let's face it, I think we're all pretty nosey too.

Admittedly, there were other things that I wanted to include in this post, mostly chocolates from Hotel Chocolat but these were devoured whilst watching multiple reruns of the Kardashians earlier this week.  For the record, the Hotel Chocolat 'milk puddles' and 'simple milk selectors' are perfection (thanks Mum & Dad).  I also was very kindly gifted lots of Primark cosies, including slipper socks and my favourite release of their's every year, the gingerbread men printed leggings.  They are ridiculously comfy and as you can imagine, these have already been worn between Christmas and New Year.  To add to this, I also received a new pair of Black Topshop Joni jeans, which I didn't get round to photographing as they were worn straight after opening them pretty much.  If you haven't worn the Topshop Joni jeans before, seriously, you need to try them.  I'm now onto my 5th pair and there's no stopping me buying more. In fact, I'm already checking out to buy the Topshop Camel ones as we speak.  Give me strength.

I am incredibly grateful for everything I received this year as always.  I've practically had my nose in the Secret Garden colouring book ever since receiving it too.  One of my resolutions for this year has been to get back into graphic design and to start being creative again, so this is certainly the beginning.  And the mini New York travel guide only makes me a hundred times more excited for the potential wintery trip that my boyfriend and I are planning.

If you have posted about what you received for Christmas, or if you have any favourite similar posts, I would love to read them (and to try and feel festive for just that little bit longer!).


  1. So many gorgeous gifts - I have the colouring book too, it's so relaxing :)

    ♦The Jewel Beauty Blog♦ || Would love you to stop by! ツ

    1. Ahh tell me about it, I literally look forward to coming home at the moment just so I can colour in again, aha! <3 x

  2. Looks like you had some gorgeous gifts!

    1. Thank you Amy, I was a little overwhelmed! xx

  3. great gifts! Looks like you had a great Christmas :)

    Annie | DrugstoreDreamer

    1. Thank you lovely, I hope you had a great Christmas! x

  4. these gifts are amazing

    1. Thank you Wendy, I felt a tiny bit spoilt! xx

  5. Ooh you got some amazing things! I LOVE Zoeva Brushes - they're so good xx

    Gemma ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Ahh I'm literally in love with the Zoeva brushes now! I'd never tried them before and I also adore anything rose gold <333 x


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