Saturday, 22 October 2016

Top 3 Fall Lipsticks

Top 3 Lipsticks for Fall
Move over Spring/Summer with your Pink and Coral hues. It's time for the Burgundy, Purple and Red tones to make a comeback.

I must admit, I couldn't wait for the colder weather to make a reappearance so I could go back to wearing darker lipsticks again. I have a few old faithfuls that go back into my A/W makeup bag every year with the change in seasons and although I do like to pick up new makeup items, these lipstick shades are just too good not to whip back out. Let me take you through my top 3 Fall lipsticks...

MAC Plumful Lipstick Swatch
MAC Plumful Lipstick Swatch
MAC 'Plumful' is the perfect transitional shade to take you from Summer to Autumn. If you're not ready yet to go for a bold Purple toned lipstick or a rich Burgundy, this may be the shade for you. It's a much more muted 'grunge' Autumn colour in my opinion. It is, like the name implies, a plum shade. It's also much more wearable for everyday than going straight in for the bolder cherry shades that adorn the makeup counters at this time of year. Not only do I love the shade, I also find the formula to be rich, so it isn't drying on my lips, particularly when they can become chapped in the colder weather. The only thing I would suggest is that a lipliner will help a lot with the application; as it is quite a rich formula, a lipliner would help to prevent any bleeding from the colour and to stop it budging throughout the day. For reference, all of these swatches have been taken without a lipliner.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss Lipstick 30
Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss Lipstick 30
Admittedly, this is a shade that I forget I own until the colder months come around. The Rimmel Lasting Finish with Kate Moss range is such a great collection for the price point. At around a third of the price of the MAC lipsticks, the colour range and lasting power of the Kate Moss collection is just as good. I find this particular lipstick far easier to apply than the likes of the MAC lipsticks; there is minimal colour-bleeding and as the product is less 'fluid' on application, it is a lot easier to achieve a sharp outline without needing to use a lipliner. Out of all 3 lipsticks in this post, I find shade '30' from the Kate Moss range to be the most complimentary on my skin when I haven't tanned. It is the perfect Burgundy-toned lipstick at a highstreet price.

MAC Hang-Up Lipstick Swatch
MAC Hang-Up Lipstick Swatch
Lastly in my top 3, but by no means least, comes 'Hang-Up' by MAC; this was one of the shades that was on my wishlist for so long when I first started to follow blogs and Youtube videos. It was just one of those shades that screamed A/W and one that I kept seeing on other bloggers & Youtubers too. Hang-Up was the first MAC lipstick that I owned and it really is the main lipstick that comes to mind when I think of makeup for this time of year. As it is a Cremesheen lipstick, it is subsequently creamy on application and for this reason, it can tend to bleed quite a bit, but because I love the shade so much, it's something I can completely overlook. Hang-Up is such a rich, berry-toned colour, perfect for pulling together a wintery look and adding a 'grunge' feel too. If you're looking for one staple lipstick for the colder seasons, this would be the one that I would recommend.

What are your favourite lipsticks to wear at this time of year? If lipsticks aren't your thing, what other liquid lipsticks or lipliners would you recommend?


  1. very nice shades !


  2. Oooo I love these! I need to try plumful and the Rimmel #30 - no idea why I haven't seen that in Superdrug yet! I'm a little bit obsessed with MAC Diva and Rimmel 107 in the autumn! :)

    Tania | teabee x

    1. Rimmel #30 is quite an old favourite now but hopefully it should still be in stores as it's a gorgeous colour! Ooh, I will keep an eye out for both of those, thank you for the recommendations Tania :) x


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