Monday, 2 January 2017

Resolutions & Goals for 2017

New Years Resolutions for 2017
I don't usually tend to set myself goals or New Years resolutions as I'm not keen on putting pressure on myself throughout the year in case anything changes and I can't stick to them. Saying this, last year I did put together a list of 'goals' and I surprised myself by sticking to almost all of them. I'm not sure it was a conscious effort and I think it was a little down to coincidence, but it happened. This year I've decided to do the same and whittle together some ideas of things I'd like to aim for throughout 2017.

Last year saw me get back to swimming after around 6 years away from the pool. From the age of around 3, I had always been a swimmer, right up until when I decided to hang my goggles up at the age of 18 to have more of a 'social life'. As I was growing up, sometimes it felt like swimming could get in the way of life, but lately since returning to the pool, it's felt more like life is getting in the way of swimming. Or more so, work is getting in the way of swimming. It's harder to muster up the energy to train after working an 8 & a half hour day at times, but this year I'm determined to get back on track with things. I used to swim 7-10 times a week growing up and yet I still managed to go to school, socialise before/after swimming and get the rest I needed, so why not try to do the same now? I always emphasise to people how brilliant swimming is not only for boosting your mood, but for keeping you in excellent shape and it massively helps with my anxiety. Watching the Olympics in 2016 really gave me the fighting urge to get back into my training and with a fresh slate, I'm hoping 2017 can give me the opportunity to *properly* get back into the pool. It's been one of my main passions throughout my life and I'm excited to get back to it.

Although I don't tend to talk about fashion very much on my blog, it's something I really enjoy. I spend hours of my day browsing new trends online and I love, love, love updating my wardrobe with each coming season. A few years ago, I got massively into collecting fashion books and I really want to build up my collection again. One thing I've also noticed is that I'm not afraid to wear whatever I like, and I'd really like to build up my wardrobe this year with more statement pieces and 'dressy' garments. This year I'm hoping to pay more attention to fashion, invest in new fashion reads and revamp my everyday wardrobe. It can get very dull dressing for work each day in the same old things so I want to invest in new pieces to inject some life back into my wardrobe.

This goes without saying really, but I just want to spend far more time with family & friends; I'm always grateful for any time I get to spend with them and I want to see them far more this year. It's crazy to think how quickly time passes sometimes without seeing those that you care about and I want to go out of my way to make even more of an effort this year, even when I'm feeling tired, cause let's face it, I feel tired most days from my anxiety & work stresses.

Working on Blogmas in 2016 really proved to me that I can get more posts out if I really try and likewise if I set aside my time to do so. In December I managed to get 20 posts up on the blog, some of which were pre-scheduled from November like the baking posts (which did take a lot of time), but lots of them I wrote on a nightly basis. Last year I blogged the most out of any of the years that I have been blogging, and I want to up this number this year. With that, I also want to boost my domain authority which goes hand-in-hand. Blogging is something that I'm so passionate about and if I'm honest, I don't stick with many things for as long as I have now been posting on this little corner of the internet (5 years to be exact). I've always wanted more from my blog yet sometimes I forget just how long has passed since I last uploaded and I want to keep it more consistent. At the same time, I don't want to blog 'just for the sake of it' and I'm going to really work to come up with fresh content ideas as I never want to publish a post I'm not happy with.

I don't want to be too harsh on myself with my goals for this year. Like most of us, I find that if I put too much pressure on myself, things are no longer enjoyable and it will have the reverse effect on me. I feel that the goals I've set down are so achievable, so 2017, let's do this.

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