As a beauty & lifestyle blogger, I am often lucky enough to be given the opportunity to feature products and paid opportunities on my blog.  If I feature an item that has been gifted to me, I mark this with an asterisk '*' after the product name/reference, or 'c/o' (courtesy of) before the brand name. I also use the asterisk when an item has been gifted to me as a present, or bought with store credit/gift vouchers. Regardless of whether I buy an item with my own money or am gifted it, I will always give a 100% honest review.  When it comes to clothing/accessories, I will not feature items that I wouldn't personally pick from a store given the choice.  I only feature items that are applicable to my personal style in my outfit posts.

I use affiliate marketing links on my blog via Skimlinks; only selected brands are a part of this & I can gain commission through clicks/purchases made from my brand links.  I chose this method over 'Skimwords', as I didn't want my ads to distract from my blog content.

Occasionally I will feature 'sponsored posts' on Vanity Frills.  I only ever feature sponsored articles if they are appropriate to my blog content (i.e. beauty/lifestyle-related) and will interest my readers. If I have published this kind of article, I will have noted '*sponsored post' at the bottom of the post. Sponsored posts will have been published on my blog for an arranged fee with the brand.

For further information on the above or if you would like to work with me, please feel free to pop me an email over at; I always love to hear from you and take all relatable opportunities into consideration.

With regards to my blog layout, I am using the 'Galvani' template by Pipdig, with added tweaks of my own.

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